Trying to improve your sales/closing conversion ratio?

Who Am I?

Hey, my name is Joel Goh.

I’m a High Ticket Closer™.


I’ve done retails sales for Vans™, Cellairisand currently am closing High Ticket deals over the phone for an influencer. I’m proud to be Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Inner Circle Mentee, and have received a sales award directly from Dan at a private event in Canada. I’ve also received sales training from Sam Ovens and Grant Cardone.

I directly lead a group of 20+ Closers Internationally for Dan Lok. As a team, we have over $500k in sales converted.

I’m fascinated with the art and science behind closing High Ticket offers over the phone. Why do consumers take out their wallets and drop a couple grand within a 30 minute phone call?

These passions led me to creating this website and newsletter; I’d like to share these secrets that will surely increase your closing ratio as a closer and salesperson. These tips and tricks work not only for closing over the phone, but for whenever selling is involved! This includes door-to-door sales, retail, B2B, B2C, Enterprise and even for professionals that offer services! A lawyer advertising for more clients has to sell himself/herself and my advice will definitely help!

I constantly study emotions and factors that buyers and sellers experience before a sale, during a sale and even after a sale.

With that I’ve discovered sure-fire methods to increase sales conversion ratios:

  1. How do you decrease no-show rates and increase your closing chances?

    • Things to do 24 hours before a call

    • Things to do 2 hours before a call

    • Things to do 15 minutes before a call

  2. The best way(s) to start a call and build rapport.

  3. The importance of framing and setting an agenda.

  4. Proven and researched method of questions to ask during a call to increase your closing chances.

  5. How to move the conversation towards a close.

  6. How to apply effective methods to prevent buyer’s remorse after a close.

  7. Things not to do and say during a call.

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