Why setting New Year's resolutions is a clear path to failure

Hi, my name is Nicolas Lum and I am a High Ticket Closer from Dan Lok's Closing Team led by Joel Goh a.k.a Rich Asian™. In this article, I will explain why setting New Year's resolutions will not get you closer to your goals and what to do instead.

But why? Isn’t everybody setting New Year’s resolutions?

That’s exactly why. Joining the masses of people in this yearly ritual will lead you nowhere.

Take your mind back to January 2018, what New Year’s resolutions did you set for yourself? Maybe it was to go to the gym, try a new diet, read more books, stop drinking alcohol or all of the above. The first problem with these resolutions is that they are incredibly vague.

The result of this ambiguity is that there is nothing firm to hold you accountable for your resolutions, except your pride and ego towards family, friends and colleagues.

That’s where the second problem comes in. How many people do you know actually fulfill their New Year’s resolutions? As soon as the third week of January comes in, odds are our jobs, family and life have taken priority and our shiny new resolutions are forgotten.

A classic example is the upsurge of people in the gym in January. As soon as February comes, we are back to the normal occupancy.

What to do instead

Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, set clear actionable goals that you can work on every single day.

Think of one big goal that when you achieve, will help you move towards all of your other smaller goals. For most people, this big goal is a financial one. Possibly increasing your income to six figures. Or for some, maybe it’s to lose 20 lbs in weight.

Let’s suppose getting to a six figure income is your yearly goal. Now, let's break it down to monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals:

  • Yearly income goal: $100,000

  • Monthly income goal: $8333.33

  • Weekly income goal: $2083.33

  • Daily income goal: $416.67

Doing this will give you immense clarity on what you have to do every single day to achieve your yearly goal. Also, you don’t have to wait until November to find out that you won’t achieve it.

What else can I do to achieve my goals?

Now that you’ve set your goals and figured out what you have to do everyday to achieve it, it’s time to start implementing and take massive action to get it done!

But you might be sitting there thinking that that is too much of a task to handle. Especially to work on it every single day? How can I keep myself motivated and focused to do this?

Those were some of the questions going through my head when I worked out my daily income goal. Here are some tools that I use to keep myself on track to achieve my goal.

Daily goal writing

Once I learned this technique from my mentor Dan Lok and started writing my goals everyday, I am so much more productive, have more motivation and energy to get things done everyday.

I found the improvement quite staggering and I almost couldn’t believe that I changed from a person who plays hours of video games everyday to now spending around 10 hours a day on productive activities such as closing calls, roleplays, income producing activities and education.

The things I write on a piece of paper everyday (with examples) are:

  • What you want to achieve (earn $100,000)

  • When you want to achieve it (by 31 December 2019)

  • What is the first step you will take (close 20 sales in 1 month)

  • What you will do when you achieve the goal (go on a trip to Japan)

  • How will you feel when you achieve this goal (strong, confident and fearless)

This will shift your subconscious mind to focus on this goal everyday. Now your mind will automatically come up with solutions and ideas on the best ways to achieve your goal or how to deal with major setbacks.

I hope that you will spare a few minutes everyday to write your goal. You will thank yourself when you have reached that goal, and remember, you are closer than you think.

If you have any questions about High Ticket Closing or you want to discuss this further, send me an email at nicolas@clientasset.com.
Until next time, always be closing.
Nicolas Lum

Training With Roleplays


Hi this is Tim Kan from Dan Lok’s Closing Team led by Joel Goh a.k.a Rich Asian™.

Have you just completed a sales training course? Or maybe you’re just ready to get on that call and close the sale. Wherever you are in your closing journey, is there room for improvement?

In today’s article, we will be discussing the importance of Roleplays and its benefits.

What are Roleplays?

Roleplays in sales is a session where two or more people perform prospecting and closing roles between one another. Typically one person would act as the “prospect” and the other would act as the “closer”.

Along with other potential observers, after both roles act out their sale, they will both provide constructive thoughts and feedback of their roleplay. Why provide each other feedback you might wonder? Find out in the next paragraph!

Benefits of Roleplays

Just like in sports, in order to improve, you must train. Take for instance Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, do you think he became a five time NBA champion by making it on his high school team? Most likely not.. It was through years and years of repetitious focus and training.

By consistently studying, improving, and mastering his skills, Kobe was able to strengthen his weaknesses and even add more abilities to his arsenal.

Transitioning back to Sales Roleplays, the same aspects can be implemented. Consistent Roleplay not only increases your comfort level, but also reveals any areas that may need improvement.

Another great benefit is learning to properly handle your calls as a true Closer. By that i mean knowing how and why to dig deep for your prospect’s pain and the use of  RPQ (Reverse Psychology Questions).

Closing Statement

Roleplays may or may not be for you. But if it was the answer to improving and ultimately mastering your Closing skill, would you?


Are you trying to reinvent the wheel?

Hi this is Conor Grace here again, today I want to outline the importance of having a mentor and how it can save you time, energy and money in the long run!

“I have read thousands of books, attended thousands of trainings, but I can tell you without a doubt. The secret to my success is the two mentors I have. My mentors made me rich” – Dan Lok

The path that lays before you

Whenever you are trying to achieve something, there is usually a long journey to get to the final destination. Whether that’s growing your business, losing weight or finding the love of your life, it takes time and energy…

Maybe you’ve set your S.M.A.R.T goals and you know exactly what it is you want. But that’s only the beginning, now it's time to put one foot in front of the other and get there.

What are you striving for right now?

Whatever it is, good for you. You know where you're going! That’s more clarity than 97% of college graduates according to a 1979 Harvard business study.

How can you get there when you don’t know where “there” is?

Trying to navigate through a city to find the “Nice side of town”. Yet you don’t know where that is, or what it is called.

Having a clear end goal is essential for any real progress to be made. At the end of the day, it's going to be a long journey to reach your “promised land”.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Whatever your goal, I know one thing: it's going to take time and energy to achieve it, that’s a fact. Nothing great comes without hard work.

With that being said, there is no need to work any harder than needs be. If your serious about your goal, you should take any shortcuts possible to reach it. Providing your shortcuts don’t jeopardize the results and that it is ethical.

It can be hard to figure all this out on your own. Believe me, I know…

But I have good news for you.

Whatever your goal is, there is someone out there that has already been there and done that!

They know the pains, the struggles, the obstacles that lay ahead of you. They have walked the path you are on and have been successful!

Now, you wouldn’t want to learn from mentor who has done EXACTLY what you intend to do, would you?

Of course, you would, who would want to try to find a small shop in a busy city all on their own! Especially when you have the opportunity to learn someone who knows the exact address and how to get there!

While It's understandable to want to “figure it out for yourself”. What’s more important, having the Ego boost of doing it “all on your own”


Reaching your goals quicker, easier and more effectively than you ever thought imaginable?


By learning from others, we leverage their time and experience. Meaning we don’t make the same mistakes they did.

How many times have you learned something while in the process of completing a task or

project, that if you knew from the beginning, would have made life much easier?

Hindsights a great thing eh?

Its all those insights and lessons that we are investing into when we decide to follow a mentor.

Just think about how much longer it would take to reach your goal working on your own. You don’t really want to delay yourself that much, do you?

Besides, the quicker you learn what is needed to get from where you are now, to where you want to go, the more time and energy you have to spend enjoying the achievement!

That’s what my mentor did for me.

I was working on a building site. Knowing that I wanted to provide for myself and my family, without working back breaking hours.

But I didn’t know where or how to start.

I was splashing in the water, but I was far from swimming. Hell, I didn’t even know what direction to be swimming…

Looking back on it now, I was drowning….

Working as an employee in a job that was physically and emotionally draining, I had no vehicle to get me to my dreams.

Until one day, I was presented an opportunity. An opportunity to learn a skill that could provide me and my family all I ever wanted.

A vehicle for my success….

Dan Lok reached out his hand and I grabbed it. With his help, I pulled myself onto his speed boat to a life of success and abundance.He pointed me in the right direction and told me to go for it.

I never looked back…

Would you?

Conor Grace

How I went from 150 to 550 friends on LinkedIn in just 30 days.

Hey Rich Asian™ fans,

My name is Adam McClary, and I am a high ticket closer with one of Dan Lok’s Closer teams led by Joel Goh. As a closer I love to talk, I am not alone in this situation. Closers thrive in environments where we get to ask questions. We love to learn about others.

However, The other day I was trying to find a very specific type of person. They had to have a certain work history, a certain skill set and they had to have a specific network.

I tried talking to all of my family. I looked all over Facebook and Google. When that did not work, I reached out to my network of friends. Finally I got on Linkedin, the only problem… I only had 150 friends on LinkedIn and none of them needed fit my criteria.

So I started doing targeted outreach to my desired demographics… and something amazing happened. I would send out 20-40 connection requests every day. Usually I would get 5-10 connections within 24 hours. I then would send them a personal message.

My messages typically would mention something about the users profile that was unique. Something that I could relate to. Then I would tell them why I reached out and say that if they found this interesting to go ahead and message me back. Surprisingly, I had about one person a day who wanted to talk to me.

That wasn’t the best part though, in the last month I have spoken with a retired marketer and copywriter who is now doing affiliate marketing. Then there was the Army vet who used to live in Panama in an amazing second story apartment overlooking the beach. I learned how he now lost everything and is rebuilding his life, business and family step by step.

I also met a broker at a venture capital firm who has personally raised $250 million in one funding round. I am now connected to hundreds of CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Retires, Marketers, and Closers world wide.

In life many of us struggle with daily problems. Your problem may be balancing the checkbook or leaving for work on time. Your problem may be with your spouse, but all of these problems start within us. As we seek to become more capable and giving individuals, we must remember what one of the greatest psychiatrist of our time said.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” -Albert Einstein

So before we reach a breaking point in any situation, we have two choices: one to reach within and bury ourselves in our thoughts, or two, take action and propel ourselves into the public arena to connect with others who are wiser, more experienced, or more grounded than ourselves.

Thankfully, now in 2018, 44% of the US population is on Linkedin. It has never been easier to reach out to people outside of our network and learn new ways of thinking. So my challenge to you is to increase your network.

Think of that one crazy dream you have. Yeah that one you can’t tell to any of your friends. The one that no one in your social circle gets…. Yeah, that idea that has laid dormant and unexplored for years.

I want you to share it this week with ten targeted people. The good news is that you will never meet these people on Linkedin. If they think you are crazy they won’t get back to you.

However, what if just one person does get back to you. What if?

It is said that the scariest person you will ever meet is going to be on your last day on this earth seeing the person you could have become… Thankfully we don’t have to wait that long. We can chose to take action today.

Happy hunting.

Adam McClary

What does lifting rocks have to do with productivity?


Hi, It’s Conor Grace here again. Today I’m going to share my story, and how I sharpened the focus in my life.

This led to doubling my productivity, increasing my levels of positivity and enabling me to have peace of mind.

Ground Hog Day

Not so long ago I found myself weighed down with the pressure of life. With new opportunities arising and previously closed doors now opening, things were really starting to happen.

While I was excited and knew great things were on the way, one emotion overshadowed my days.
Have you ever found yourself in the same position?
You know, a mountain of work to be done, along with the responsibilities of life on top of all that. Thinking “HOW am I supposed to get on top of all this?
This was a common thought in my day. Which ultimately lead to stress, bad quality of work, procrastination and guilt. Which would then feed into the stress and so forth.

It was a vicious cycle.

I felt like a broken record. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working, yet I was stuck in repeat.
One day I had enough. Feeling some of the new-found opportunities slipping through my fingers, I came to the conclusion:
“I HAVE to fix this, before it’s too late
After searching through YouTube, watching video after video. I came across a video by the world-renowned Stephen Covey, author of “The seven habits of highly effective people

I was excited!

Thinking “This guy is THE expert when it comes to productivity!” But I was also confused, he was talking about rocks…

What does moving rocks have to do with productivity?

Stephen was conducting a seminar on productivity, he started the demonstration by placing two empty cylindrical shaped containers on a table beside a pile of rocks and a pile of pebbles.
Jane was the volunteer, she stood there scratching her head as Stephen poured all the pebbles into one of the containers. He then asked her to try to fit all the “Big Rocks” in on top of the “Small Rocks” without encroaching past the top of the container.
The containers represented Jane’s life and the empty space within it was her time.
The small rocks represented all the things of lesser importance in Jane's life.
Each big rock had a specific colour and represented a major area of her life. Health, Relationships, Passions, Spiritual development, Work Responsibilities, Education, New opportunities and Personal time. As Jane struggled to fit the fourth of the big rocks in, she realized something.

This is impossible.

While confused and disappointed with her results, Stephen suggested something. “You know you can start over, beginning with a whole new paradigm… How about starting with what is most important. Then filling the rest with the less important aspects of your life?”

At that moment, Jane and I both had a lightbulb moment. “Starting with what is most important. Then filling the rest with the less important aspects”
Starting over, with some thought and persistence, Jane managed to fit
every big rock in the container! Picking up the other container full of pebbles, Jane began to pour them in on top of the big rocks.
Guess what happened?
Yep, almost every pebble managed to fit in by filling in the empty voids. The containers were identical, but the way they were being filled was far different.

I knew it was time for me to move some rocks in my life…

Back to the drawing board

First, I looked at the different areas of my life Health, Career, Education, Passions, Relationships, Spiritual Development and Service.
Prescribing to the 80 – 20 rule, I asked myself “What is the
one thing I can do in each of these areas, to get the most out of my time investment?”
The answers were my “
Big Rocks
Knowing that if I lift these rocks every day, it will create steady progress in every area of my life.

Finally, I knew exactly what I must do.
These were my goals and I structured my days around them, integrating these activities into my life so it just became a habit of getting it done!
Now that I have simple actionable steps in place, I find myself getting my work done easily and in much less time than before. The best part,
I enjoy the process.
No more stress.
The funny thing is, even though I am getting twice the amount of quality work done. I still have time for other less important things like more time socializing or other interests.
By focusing on our main goals, we ensure they get done. Everything else that matters will naturally fall into place and whatever doesn’t, chances are you don’t care too much about it anyway.


We all only have twenty-four hours each day, every moment is precious and should be used positively build one key area of our lives.

One rock at a time

If we don’t, other “filler” activities will take their place. While tempting at the time, these will only lead to more overwhelm as the workload continues to build.

With the New Year just beginning, you will hear many resolutions and guides to “making this the best year yet” while these are well meaning, most will not see February…

Please don’t start any crazy regimes or set unrealistic goals for yourself, they will only lead to overwhelm and failure.
But instead, I ask you one thing:
What are your Big Rocks?
Whatever they are, focus on them. They are most important.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you learned something through my story and I invite you to make a change in your life.

Until next time, keep lifting those rocks my friends.

Conor Grace

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