The Limitation of Illusions


Tim Kan of Dan Lok’s Closing Team led by Joel Goh here. In today’s article, we will be discovering the illusion we may sometimes tell ourselves when thinking about our challenges and success. The illusion of Limitations.

The Cripple Effect

Do not underestimate the power of illusions. It can be your biggest challenge, the stopper of success, and even your biggest enemy. Illusions could be the biggest adversity you will ever face when fighting your way toward your dreams. It has the power to manipulate your mind and even influence your thoughts further from your dreams. And what’s really scary is, illusions could fool you by making you think that settling for less, giving up, and forgetting your dreams is okay..

Do you have any idea how much limitation “illusions” can put upon your mind? It can simply snatch your “bright life changing idea” and make it a “bad, unrealistic, and stupid idea”. When you’re lifting weights at the gym and your arms feel like they’re about to fall off and there’s no way you can do another repetition, are those facts in your mind? Or illusions?

If it’s facts, then sure there’s no way for another repetition. But what if there actually is one more repetition? FIND OUT!. GO FOR IT! GO FOR THAT ONE LAST REP! Prove to yourself that it is facts! And not an illusion! And once you attempt that final rep, what do you discover? Was is really facts that there were no more repetitions? Or did you discover that there really was one more repetition behind it? If so, wave goodbye to “illusion”. It failed!

How To Face Illusions

The existence of illusions will never leave. But you will always have the power to overcome it. One of the most highly effective weapons against illusions is awareness. With awareness, you can then know when and where illusions is back to pull you off track towards your dreams and goals. And once you identify the return of illusions, be ready for war, be prepared to rip the heart out of those illusions and burn it next to the other stash lies and myths.

Closing Statement

The victory over illusions start in your mind. And once that victory is achieved, no need to tell us. Your results will speak for itself.

Thanks for your time.


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