“Who are you really fighting for?” What Rocky Balboa taught me about closing

Hi, my name is Nicolas Lum and I am a closer from Dan Lok's Closing Team led by Joel a.k.a Rich Asian™. In this article, I will share with you how watching the latest blockbuster Creed II changed my life as a High Ticket Closer and how you can find your true purpose on this planet.

Secrets on how to own the High Ticket Closing cape

I am a High Ticket Closer.

That is normally the first few words that come out of my mouth when I meet a stranger. Being a High Ticket Closer has many perks and one of them is having the ability to transform and positively impact one’s life in a big way. And as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

One of those great responsibilities is to ONLY use our powers for products and services that genuinely add value to potential clients. Once I accepted this responsibility, the only thing that held me back from truly owning the HTC cape was not knowing what my purpose was in life.

The knockout punch

Bam! There was Adonis Creed, an American boxer in the movie Creed II, knocked out in a boxing ring by a Russian who was bigger, faster and stronger than him. Dazed and with soft knees, Creed barely survived the second round.

In comes Rocky Balboa during the break, trying to bring Creed’s spirits up and motivate him to win the match. With a serious, stern and raspy voice, Rocky asked Creed a question that changed the outcome of the fight and changed my life as a Closer:

Who are you really fighting for?

In the movie, it reminded Creed why he was really in the ring, facing the toughest opponent in his life. It was not to take revenge for his father’s death, but it was to prove to himself that he is able to fill in the expectations he has on himself of being the best boxer in the world.

After this deep prep talk, he somehow managed to fight his way back into the game and won by K.O.

Who is Nicolas Lum fighting for?

After the movie, I had some time to reflect on this and ask myself this question. What is my purpose as a High Ticket Closer. Who am I really fighting for?

It wasn’t to prove to my girlfriend that I will be successful enough to afford a good life for both of us. It wasn’t to prove to my friends that I was better than them. It wasn’t to prove to my parents that I am able to support their retirement after they sacrificed all of their savings for my education.

My purpose in life is to fulfil the expectations I set for myself. My purpose is to be so successful that I will have no doubts in my mind that the unconventional route I have chosen was the right one for me. I want to feel strong, confident and fearless in my own skin. And ultimately being able to greatly impact others with my newfound conviction and clarity.

I know that this is deep. And you might be wondering, why am I sharing my deepest thoughts with you?

All I want you to do is to bring yourself to a quiet place, sit and think about these questions.

What is YOUR purpose in life?

Who is it that you are fighting for? What do you want to achieve in life?

If you truly want to own the cape of a High Ticket Closer or any other cape that you want, you need to know why.

I encourage you to go deep. Really reflect on this and peel back the superficial outer layers and get to the core.

I guarantee that if you do this, you will look at your actions differently. Is what you are working on helping you achieve what you want? What do you have to do everyday to get one step closer to that goal?

Not only that. Now that you have gone deep with yourself, you now know how it feels like for one of your prospects to go on the same journey. Imagine the clarity they would have after speaking to you on the phone having gone through this process. Even if your product was not a good fit for them, you would have deeply impacted the way they think of their life.

I hope that you will spare a few minutes in your busy day to reflect on what your purpose is. You will thank yourself when you think back having reached that goal, and remember, you are closer than you think.
If you have any questions about High Ticket Closing or you want to discuss this further, send me an email at nicolas@clientasset.com.
Until next time, always be closing.
Nicolas Lum

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