How Prepared Are You?


Tim Kan of Dan Lok’s Closing team led by Joel a.k.a Rich Asian™. In today’s article, we will be discovering ways to properly prepare yourself as a Closer for your upcoming calls. Every closer has their own way and style of closing, but perhaps these examples may be beneficial or helpful to improvement your personal style.

Prospect Research

How much of an advantage would it be for you to know exactly what your prospect likes and dislikes? What if you knew the exact keywords to earn your prospect’s trust? Would it make your calls easier if you already knew what type of person your prospect was? What would you be willing to give to have an upper hand against a “challenging” prospect?
One of the many ways to gain this upper hand is by researching your prospect, via Facebook, Linkedin, networking, etc. Suppose your prospect was found on Facebook, you wouldn't be willing to invest three to five minutes looking through their posts and shared media would you?

Sure it may be time consuming to some people, but by discovering and identifying their thoughts and interests, you now have an idea of how to approach the call beforehand.

One example is when I discovered that my upcoming prospect was residing in Florida. I was already intending to ask in the beginning of the call where he was calling from, and since I already knew he was located in Florida, I was able to prepare myself ahead of time to share with him my awareness of the recent hurricane that struck in his area.

By doing so, I was able to build solid rapport from the start, which not only showed that I could relate to him but also allow him to feel comfortable throughout the call.

Mindset Shift

By entering your closing calls with the right state of mind, not only will the flow of the call run in your favor, but you’ll be more capable of pivoting and navigating through and around any potential objections that may occur.

An additional benefit of being in the right mindset is having more awareness of how the call is flowing and also allowing you to not panic or stress during “challenging” moments.

Everyone has their own unique routine or form of shifting their mindset in preparation for their calls. A few examples are listening to certain music, doing jumping jacks, meditating, viewing their vision board, reading a creed, and more..

That’s the beauty of it, what works for others may not work for you. If it does, great! If not, find what works for you.

Closing Statement

These preparation techniques may or may not be of benefit to you. If it doesn’t, thank you for investing your time into reading my thoughts.

If it does, how will you implement them into your strategy? How much will these techniques improve your Closing skill?

Thanks again for your time, and I would like to leave you with an epic quote.. “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

-Tim Kan

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