How to end your day, the right way


Hi this is Conor Grace again from over at Dan Lok’s Closing Team led by Joel a.k. Rich Asian™. This is a follow up from my last article on starting your day right.

Today I will be sharing with you some ideas on recovering from your workload and optimizing sleep. Providing you the energy to kick ass!

Ending your day, the right way.

The best way to get a good start on the next day is by doing the right things the night before.

This can start immediately after your days’ work is complete.

I like to mark the end of a work day with a shower.

Through visualization and affirmation, I have created subconscious cue that tells my body “work is over, now it’s time to relax”. This is an NLP technique called “anchoring”.

I invite you to visualise yourself at the end of your work day, feeling grateful and proud of the brilliant work you do daily. Tie this to an activity that you always do after a day’s work.

This activity is the cue that will activate the feelings that you have previously visualized.

After my shower, I go for a short walk if the weather is good. This allow me to clear my head of thoughts from throughout the day.

While it’s understandable to want to work around the clock. This is not the best strategy for the long term as it can lead to burnout.

Instead, it’s a better idea to get some rest each day. This provides you the opportunity to recharge your energy levels. This way you can produce quality work the following day.

Work-Life balance

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

This applies to all of us. No matter how rewarding your job it is, a break from it is always beneficial. For both your mental health and productivity!

Although it can seem counter-intuitive to productivity, taking time out to enjoy other areas of your life can help you become happier and more satisfied with your life. This would end up boosting your work quality!

Besides, what’s the point in working so hard if you can’t enjoy other areas of your life?

So, what are some of non-work activities you love to do?

They could be anything.

Even activities as simple as a hobby, walking, cooking, going to the cinema or meeting a friend are all great ways of reconnecting with the other areas of your life.

Having these things in our lives brings balance and gives a much “fuller” life experience.

Engaging in a completely different activity than your work is a great way to shake off any mental residue.

I love the time I spend in the gym and the sauna after day of being on the phone or computer working. It’s something I look forward to throughout the day and motivates me to be diligent while working.

I invite you to reconnect with a passion of yours that has fallen to the wayside.

Start small and enjoy it!

A good night sleep

What we do leading up to bed has a huge effect on the quality of sleep we get. Have you ever got a lot of sleep one night but still wake up tired? Or didn’t get as much sleep another day yet you feel fresh waking up?

This is because sleep quality is more important that sleep quantity.

Another import factor is what stage in your sleep cycle you wake up at. We go through 5 stages of sleep in a 90 minute “sleep cycle”. Each stage has its purpose and ideally you want to wake at the end of a full cycle.

For example: If you must wake at 6am, you would want to go to bed at either 10.30pm or 12pm. This way you get either 4 or 5 full cycles in.

Sleep expert Nick Littlehales recommend 35 cycles per week in his book: Sleep

Here is my night time routine that ensures I have great quality sleep:

  1. Start winding down 1-2 hours before going to bed by stopping all screens and minimize light exposure. Light releases cortisol (the stress hormone responsible for waking us up) while darkness allows melatonin to be released and in turn allows deep sleep.

  2. Read for 15-30 minutes

  3. Go to a dark room where I can lie down and listen to some relaxing music or do some light stretches.

  4. Meditate. I like mindfulness, but any form of meditation will be of benefit to your sleep.

  5. Journal briefly about the day. What went well, things I am grateful for in my life, where I could improve, and insights learned.

  6. Prayer and/or connecting to a higher power.

Personally, this is a great sequence that works well for me. But we're all different and it’s about finding what works best for you. Set time aside each night to try different ideas and find your ideal routine.

Treat this as your personal time and enjoy yourself!

Be flexible with it. Even if you only have 5 minutes before bed one night, it's still better than doing nothing.


From time to time we all get “caught up” in the stresses of life, this is totally normal and not necessary a bad thing, as it can provide learning and growth.

But if we are constantly stressed out, this can be fatal. Literally. With chronic stress being a major cause of all illnesses, learning to relax should be a priority.

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe” Muhammad Ali

By creating these opportunities to detach from our work life, we can see the “whole picture” of our lives. This helps creates fulfilment and appreciation of all the good we are doing.

I hope you all enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me on my email:

Till next time family.

Work hard, play hard and enjoy the process.

Your Friend,

Conor Grace

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