How Steve Jobs and the Sith Lord had the same superpowers

Hi, my name is Nicolas Lum and I am a closer with Dan Lok’s Closing Team. In this article, I will explore how the persuasion and influence techniques used by the Sith Lord from Star Wars and Steve Jobs are exactly the same, and how we should perceive influence in our world.

What is influence?

We are all under influence more than you think. Whether it’s watching the latest blockbuster trailers or reading the news, there are many external forces which are specifically crafted to alter the decisions and beliefs we have.

Steve Jobs is an example of a master influencer who has the ability to move people emotionally and have a tremendous impact on the decisions we make. Not only to influence customers to buy that iPhone, but also to influence the people under his wings to work hard and strive to create one of the most revolutionary product in history.

In this article, I want to explain how influence is not a bad thing nor a good one. It is simply a tool that we have to instill change in others. It is however, the motives of the person behind the tool that determines if the outcome is positive.

The dark side

I’m sure we are all familiar with the story of how Anakin Skywalker, once innocent and destined to bring balance to the Force, was lured to the dark side by the Sith Lord. But how was the power influence used in a negative way?
The basis of selling anything is to find someone’s pain, making them feel the pain and then healing it through a new set of choices. These choices could be the products and services you are selling or better decisions, but in Anakin’s case it is to save his wife and join the dark side.

For Anakin, his pain was the fear that his wife would die during childbirth. This fear was stirred up by the vivid memories of the visions he had of his mother before she died. Now, the Sith Lord offers him an opportunity to save his wife from dying, with the cost of joining the dark side.

Since Anakin’s pain was much stronger than the cost, he was sold on the idea and the rest is (fictional) history.

The good side

You might be thinking, how would influence ever be used for the good of society? Shouldn’t this be illegal?

But if we don’t have this tool, where would our society be today?

All of the marvels that we have achieved as a society have all been made possible by influential leaders who have a deep desire to improve the world we live in.

Think of Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and so many more.

The ability to influence also affects your relationship with your team, spouse, family and kids. The person who influences is a person who contributes beyond him/herself and becomes a true leader. It can give you the power to shape your future and the quality of life for yourself and anybody you really care about.

The key to positive influence is to come from a place of deep caring. If you develop strong relationships with people, look for their deepest needs and help them meet that, there will be no limit to the income, joy and impact you have.

The next time you have a friend who needs help making good decisions in their life, remember the three key points of influence and you will be able to make a positive impact to someone who you truly care about.

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Until next time, always be closing.

Nicolas Lum

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