Training With Roleplays


Hi this is Tim Kan from Dan Lok’s Closing Team led by Joel Goh a.k.a Rich Asian™.

Have you just completed a sales training course? Or maybe you’re just ready to get on that call and close the sale. Wherever you are in your closing journey, is there room for improvement?

In today’s article, we will be discussing the importance of Roleplays and its benefits.

What are Roleplays?

Roleplays in sales is a session where two or more people perform prospecting and closing roles between one another. Typically one person would act as the “prospect” and the other would act as the “closer”.

Along with other potential observers, after both roles act out their sale, they will both provide constructive thoughts and feedback of their roleplay. Why provide each other feedback you might wonder? Find out in the next paragraph!

Benefits of Roleplays

Just like in sports, in order to improve, you must train. Take for instance Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, do you think he became a five time NBA champion by making it on his high school team? Most likely not.. It was through years and years of repetitious focus and training.

By consistently studying, improving, and mastering his skills, Kobe was able to strengthen his weaknesses and even add more abilities to his arsenal.

Transitioning back to Sales Roleplays, the same aspects can be implemented. Consistent Roleplay not only increases your comfort level, but also reveals any areas that may need improvement.

Another great benefit is learning to properly handle your calls as a true Closer. By that i mean knowing how and why to dig deep for your prospect’s pain and the use of  RPQ (Reverse Psychology Questions).

Closing Statement

Roleplays may or may not be for you. But if it was the answer to improving and ultimately mastering your Closing skill, would you?


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