How I went from 150 to 550 friends on LinkedIn in just 30 days.

Hey Rich Asian™ fans,

My name is Adam McClary, and I am a high ticket closer with one of Dan Lok’s Closer teams led by Joel Goh. As a closer I love to talk, I am not alone in this situation. Closers thrive in environments where we get to ask questions. We love to learn about others.

However, The other day I was trying to find a very specific type of person. They had to have a certain work history, a certain skill set and they had to have a specific network.

I tried talking to all of my family. I looked all over Facebook and Google. When that did not work, I reached out to my network of friends. Finally I got on Linkedin, the only problem… I only had 150 friends on LinkedIn and none of them needed fit my criteria.

So I started doing targeted outreach to my desired demographics… and something amazing happened. I would send out 20-40 connection requests every day. Usually I would get 5-10 connections within 24 hours. I then would send them a personal message.

My messages typically would mention something about the users profile that was unique. Something that I could relate to. Then I would tell them why I reached out and say that if they found this interesting to go ahead and message me back. Surprisingly, I had about one person a day who wanted to talk to me.

That wasn’t the best part though, in the last month I have spoken with a retired marketer and copywriter who is now doing affiliate marketing. Then there was the Army vet who used to live in Panama in an amazing second story apartment overlooking the beach. I learned how he now lost everything and is rebuilding his life, business and family step by step.

I also met a broker at a venture capital firm who has personally raised $250 million in one funding round. I am now connected to hundreds of CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Retires, Marketers, and Closers world wide.

In life many of us struggle with daily problems. Your problem may be balancing the checkbook or leaving for work on time. Your problem may be with your spouse, but all of these problems start within us. As we seek to become more capable and giving individuals, we must remember what one of the greatest psychiatrist of our time said.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” -Albert Einstein

So before we reach a breaking point in any situation, we have two choices: one to reach within and bury ourselves in our thoughts, or two, take action and propel ourselves into the public arena to connect with others who are wiser, more experienced, or more grounded than ourselves.

Thankfully, now in 2018, 44% of the US population is on Linkedin. It has never been easier to reach out to people outside of our network and learn new ways of thinking. So my challenge to you is to increase your network.

Think of that one crazy dream you have. Yeah that one you can’t tell to any of your friends. The one that no one in your social circle gets…. Yeah, that idea that has laid dormant and unexplored for years.

I want you to share it this week with ten targeted people. The good news is that you will never meet these people on Linkedin. If they think you are crazy they won’t get back to you.

However, what if just one person does get back to you. What if?

It is said that the scariest person you will ever meet is going to be on your last day on this earth seeing the person you could have become… Thankfully we don’t have to wait that long. We can chose to take action today.

Happy hunting.

Adam McClary

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