How Qualified Is Your Client?


Have you encountered a client requesting a refund after making a purchase? How many negative reviews are you happy to receive from unhappy clients? Most importantly, how much of your time are you willing to invest into the wrong clients?

Hi, my name is Tim Kan of Dan Lok’s Closing team led by Joel a.k.a Rich Asian™. In today’s article we’ll be discussing the consequences of on boarding un-qualified clients and how you could prevent them.


Bringing in an unqualified client can lead towards limitless consequences. Don’t underestimate the small consequences either, for those small ones can result in the bigger downfalls in a business.

For example, let’s talk about “Reviews”. How effective are reviews? Would you agree that reviews and social proof have a strong influence on the buyer’s decision? How much would one negative review affect your business, brand, and reputation? How many potential clients are you losing from these reviews? And ultimately, how much money are you losing?

One of our most valuable assets, is our time. Imagine spending an hour of our time attempting to Close someone, only to find out that it was never going to be a good fit. What could you have been doing with your time instead of wasting it away?

Maybe something productive such as researching your next prospect? Work on that article you’ve been procrastinating? Be with your family? Start that push up that’s three months past due? Whatever the case may be, the hour spent going back and forth with that prospect could have been minimized as quickly as twenty minutes or less.

If you are someone that values their time, how much is your time worth? Are you okay with wasting other people’s time? And are you okay with them wasting your time?


When it comes to onboarding clients. It doesn’t start with the clients, it starts with the prospects. Before even considering them as “Clients”, the prospects must first be qualified to be a right fit for the service and product.

A few ways to properly qualify your prospects is by identifying their need, what is it exactly they are looking to fix or improve? If a decision has to be made, are they the ones to make it? Of course going through your program will also require their time, effort, and money..

Will they be able to afford all of those aspects? And most importantly, how committed are they? It is imperative that their pain is something that they are seriously looking to change. If not, the adversities and speed bumps along the way will easily get them off track and ultimately stop their progress.


“Whether your goal is to skyrocket your sales track record or increase the capacity of your business’s clientele, keep this in mind.. “Excellence comes when we balance quality with quantity”” - Amit Ray

Once again, it’s been a pleasure sharing this with you. If there are any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at Thank you.


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