3 Sure-Fire Ways to Add Value and Build Rapport


Hey again, this is Joel Goh a.k.a Rich Asian.

I’ve recently gotten a lot of negative feedback from fellow High Ticket Leaders and Influencers saying how Closers and Salespeople have been reaching out to them in a spammy manner.

Hmm… That’s not really good now, is it?

Well, you may wonder what does a “spammy manner” mean?

Let me show you a couple examples here and see whether you resonate with any of these:

  • “Hey man, my name is ____ and I’m a High Ticket Closer. Are you looking for someone to close your High Ticket Offers?”

    • *No response* “Hey man, are you there? Hello?”

    • *No response again* “Hey I can really help you increase your sales. Hello???”

  • “Hi, can I close for your team? [Insert extremely long paragraphs of text here without adding any value first]”

  • “Are you looking for Closers? Please let me try out I’m really good.”

  • And on and on and on.

Now if you’re reading this and you’ve been guilty of any of the above, that’s okay; we all go through learning stages and this is one of them.

I can tell you for a fact though; that as a High Ticket Leader and soon to be Influencer, I DO NOT enjoy receiving any messages or emails that do not add value first. Especially when it’s obvious that the person reaching out just wants something from me.

So how could you add great value and build true rapport? Just read on.

1st Sure-Fire Way: Send them a useful article, video or referral

Wait! Joel, what?
Surely you don’t mean just send them some cheesy article or video and that counts as adding value? And what do you even mean by referral?

Absolutely not. When I say “useful article or video”, it means an actual USEFUL article or video. For the referral concept just read on.

Let me give you an example of what I would do if I wanted to connect with an Influencer:

  • We know that every Influencer that has a High Ticket Offer needs some sort of Inbound lead funnel to generate leads.

  • Hence, they would either need to hire a marketing agency, or learn some digital marketing themselves correct?

  • So, I’ll send them 3 possible things:

    1. An article on digital marketing made easy, maybe like this free ClickFunnels E-Book as an article to add value.

      1. Maybe the Influencer would like some knowledge on Digital Marketing himself/herself.

    2. A referral to one of my digital marketing friends.

      1. This does 2 things:

        1. It makes the potential Influencer happy because I’m providing him with a trusted agency that is good at what they do.

        2. It makes my digital marketing friend happy because I’m providing him with a potential client.

    3. A video on digital marketing, same idea behind option a.

Doing any of these 3 steps above would be better than just cold-texting a potential Influencer asking for something without first adding value.

Imagine if someone offered to help you solve your problem first before asking for something, how would you feel?

I’d feel pretty happy and would love to spend more time getting to know the said fellow.

2nd Sure-Fire Way - Research them well before adding value

Wait! Joel what do you mean by research??? Isn’t that a lot of work?

Well yes I mean do you really expect someone to give you something without first adding value and working for it?

This is what I mean by researching Influencers:

  • Go on their personal social media pages and see what they’re all about

  • Notice their niche, personal interests etc.

  • Take a look at their advertisements and copywriting

Do you see something you can relate to with them?

Make sure you take a look at their current advertisements and funnel and actually go through the entire funnel as a prospect.

You can do that by going to their Facebook page that is advertising the ad and clicking the “info and ads” tab on the left.

You do this because you want to be knowledgeable when you message the Influencer, and you could also perhaps give some pointers or notice things the Influencer could improve with his ads (make sure you know what you’re actually talking about though).

So say, for example, you notice an Influencer’s ads that you like and you went through his entire sales funnel. Then you also notice that they love cars, so when you start a conversation with them, say something along the lines of:

Hey ____, I noticed you had a picture of a red Mustang Convertible in your profile picture, how’d you like your Pony? She looks beautiful.

Take a look at my Yellow Camaro Convertible. I’ve had so much fun driving her around town in the Fall here in Seattle.

By the way, I went through your advertisement funnel on Facebook, you know, your High Ticket Offer in ____.

I loved it! If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your current sales conversion ratio with your current sales page?

If you are interested, I could show you how you could potentially increase your conversion ratios to anywhere from 25 - 40%.

Here’s a free
ClickFunnels E-Book on what I’m referring to.

I have no agenda nor am I trying to sell you anything. I wish you all the best and let me know if you’d like to chat!

See, that wasn’t too hard, was it?

I’ve done a few things in this initial message here.

  1. I complimented him/her on something they adored and related to them.

  2. I showed that I have knowledge of High Ticket Offers and knew what I was talking about.

  3. I offered to help them increase their bottom-line. Who wouldn’t want that?

  4. I added value by giving them a Free E-Book!

  5. I told them I had no agenda, and just wanted to get to know and their product or service better. Which is true, I don’t come out the gates looking to get something from them.  

It is very important that you’re genuine and that you don’t sound like a typical salesperson that’s about to pitch them something.

I would have 3 - 5 volleys of interaction (3 - 5 rounds of chat being exchanged) before even asking them to get on a call to get to know them better.

3rd Sure-Fire Way - Join their Community or Enroll in their program

This is the 3rd way for a reason.

You may have to spend your own cash for this method to actually work.

Here I recommend that you join the Influencer’s product or service and be a part of his/her private community and mentorship.

Why does this work so well?

Well for obvious reasons:

  1. You’ve added to the Influencer’s Bottom-line, you paid for his or her product or service.

  2. You’ve proven your credibility and trust because again, of point 1. Above.

  3. You had skin in the game and were willing to learn or utilize his or her product or service.

  4. You know the High Ticket product or service better than others not enrolled.

In this case, it is more likely that you’d be selected to start Closing for said Influencer. Remember, you DON’T always have to do this. I am not saying go and buy everyone’s High Ticket Offer just so you can Close for them.

I’m saying that this works because it sets you apart from other people.

So if you are willing to invest in yourself and truly could benefit from the Influencer’s product or service, why not?

For example, I enrolled in Sifu Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closing program and invested $2.5k into it; and I’ve also invested a lot more money in the subsequent months.

I’m now one of Dan Lok’s personal closers and lead a High Ticket Sales team just for him.

Because I have proven myself to be a valuable asset and addition to him and his community and therefore, I’ve been given another opportunity to prove myself.

Now if you do decide to go with Method #3, ensure that you’re adding value to the Influencer and his or her community. Don’t be a spammer or be a ‘bad apple’, that will only do you more harm than good.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that it taught you a couple ways I personally add value before asking for something.

Remember, don’t be a spammy salesperson just like everyone else. Be unique, stand out from the crowd. Add value first before asking for something.

That’s what we do as High Ticket Closers.

If you ever have any questions about Closing Inbound High Ticket Offers, send me an email to joel@richasian.com.

Until Next Time and To Your Success,

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Joel Goh

Rich Asian™

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