I didn’t choose HTC, HTC chose me


Tim Kan, Proud Representative of Team Rich Asian™. In this article, you’ll discover an idea of how I came about becoming not only the Closer.. but the Man that I am today.

My father chose a path, and it didn’t include us

Growing up in Houston had its ups and downs. Being one of three Asian’s in a predominantly black elementary school wasn’t always smooth. Although my best friend at the time was black, Johnathon, I still dealt with bullies and was always being outnumbered. I learned quickly that investing kindness in others doesn’t always bring back the same return.

My parents were aware of the situation but then again I was a troublemaker myself.. Skipping school, getting revenge, talking back, and even lying too much.. Rarely did I ever see my parents, they owned and operated a fast food business and my brother and I were asleep by the time they got home, so I only saw them during the weekends.

Fast forward to my ninth grade year in high-school, I discovered that my parents had been facing years of discontent between each other, so my Father felt that it was in his best interest to move out and start fresh on his life, without my mother, younger brother, and myself. That’s when I was forced to accept that life.. Was no fairy tale, and that I had to be a Man.

Destined for Greatness

At the end of my ninth grade year, I needed seven credits to move up to tenth grade, I had one. One fucking credit.. I remember imagining what all of my friends and family were going to say when they discovered that I was repeating a year of high-school. I let my Mother down, I let myself down, and as a role-model, I let my brother down..

Before school completely ended, I was determined to find a way to graduate on time. It hurt way too much to imagine my peers moving up in life ahead of me.

I’ll never forget the time that the assistant-principal laughed and told me to my face “you’re not going to graduate in 2010”. I was ALMOST convinced, that asshole ALMOST got me. But thankfully, my counselor told me there was ONE way, ONLY ONE way to graduate on time.

I remember sitting on the edge of my seat more attentive than I’ve ever been throughout my nine years of school. I told her “YES! How? I’ll do ANYTHING, Sign me up!”, I was ready to take on the world.

The counselor smirked and said “For the next THREE YEARS, you will have to attend summer school, attend early morning class(two hours early), attend after school class(another damn two hours), oh and also weekend class”.

I could not believe the words that crawled out of her mouth. But I knew.. I knew what had to be done. And I’ll never forget her last words before I walked out of her office: “You can do it”. Fast forward three rough years later, I did it.

I was caught up on all of my credits and graduated in 2010. Thanks to the support of my Mother and my counselor, for believing in me.

Discovering what’s possible

Soon after graduating high-school, I attempted and failed college twice. And then one day, a close friend at the time came to me and said.. “Tim! I can’t talk long but I just started working with a VERY successful businessman from California and he’s looking for a few people for his Houston team, would you be open to making an extra three to five thousand dollars part-time?”.

My first response, “HELL YEAH!”. That’s when I discovered a new world.. the world of.. MLM!

Everything sounded so right, everything felt so right, I signed up right away thinking that my friends and family were going to ride this momentum with me. But it didn’t work out the way i imagined. I found myself cold calling and reading out scripts that did not sound like me whatsoever.

After an investment of a year and a few thousand dollars, I gave up. I found myself believing in others more than they believed in themselves, but there was no way I could bring their success for them. And although I failed, that’s when I realized, I don’t have to live a mediocre life.

Even though MLM didn’t work out, I know what’s out there, what’s possible!

The Journey from MLM to FBA

After discontinuing my MLM journey in 2012, I went back to continue working for my mother’s Seafood Restaurant. Not because I truly wanted to, but because I knew I needed to be productive somehow instead of wasting my days at home trying to figure out what to do with my life.

Then one day, an opportunity to learn the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Trade was presented to me. I had no prior experience, nor was I really a “handy man”, but there was something about working with tools and having the ability to diagnose and repair machines that really intrigued me, so I took the big step and signed up.

Nine months of Trade school and I was finally out working in the field. Getting side jobs on a daily basis and learning the industry more than I ever imagined. It felt good being able to get the job done and seeing the joy on my client’s faces, with the cold breezes blowing at their face.

Fast forward to 2015, I was given the opportunity to construct a second Restaurant for my mother, alongside my uncle who is a Serial Entrepreneur. I felt that this was a great opportunity for me to learn and develop various other skills, such as General Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, and more..

After two years of hardcore learning and work, the project was finished. My plan after that project was to continue working under my uncle in hopes of being able to partner up with him on bigger projects, but the plan changed..

So I found myself back in the HVAC field. Sitting in my client’s attic, drenched in sweat, nearly passing out, I thought to myself “Damn.. is this my life? I can’t do this forever”..

During my time in the HVAC line of work, I spent a lot of time researching other ways to make additional income. Hundred of ideas were found, and the one that grabbed my interest most was.. Amazon FBA.

That’s when I first discovered the potential for the “Laptop Lifestyle”. I was totally hooked, so I signed for a two month Amazon FBA mentorship from Fiverr (lol).

Two months in, I had my first product up, “Hanging From Door Laundry Bags”. I thought to myself “this is it!”, financial freedom here I come.

Oh was I wrong, the launch of my product was miserable.. And I found my profits eating up quickly..

Discovery of HTC

I spent a lot of time on YouTube trying to find more ideas on additional income and that’s when I discovered Dan Lok. I remember thinking “Who the hell is this? This dude seems like the real deal”.

Still working my HVAC jobs, I would binge watch his videos on YouTube. I was captivated by his persona and the education that he graciously shared. Then one day I found the opportunity to learn this “High-Income Skill”.

A skill that could potentially transition my life from where I am now, to where I want to be, need to be. After thoroughly reading the HTC sign up page, with no hesitation I signed up. I felt that I need to “at least” give it a shot. If it works out, GREAT, if not, oh well..

After completing the preparation assignments before the first week of class. I felt something indescribible, a feeling of belief and momentum for this program. I truly believed that this program was like nothing else, for that reason, i decided to put my Amazon business on hold to focus all of my time on learning this skill.

Transition From Lower To Higher Self

Initially, I joined HTC to make more money, but after the first day of class, I discovered there was more to it than just that. In order to make the kind of money that I wanted, in order to live the life I truly desired..

I had to let go of the person that I was, and HTC showed me how. Everything about the program was exactly what I needed in my life, the energy, the lessons, and the culture. I don’t know if it’s the law of attraction or fate or what.. But somehow, someway..

The moment HTC found me, my life Transcended..

Thank you

Thanks for investing your time into this article. It wasn’t entirely easy to compress 27 years into a few pages. Much thanks to my team, Team Rich Asian™, and to our Sifu, Dan Lok.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach me at tim@clientasset.com.


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