5 Steps to Qualify your Prospect over the Phone

Hi, this is Nicolas Lum. I am a High Ticket Closer with Team Rich Asian™. In this article I will cover the 5 steps you should take to qualify your prospects throughout the sales process.


Have you ever closed clients into your program that don't implement your advice and strategies? Would you want to have new clients that ar e fully committed in your program and can't wait to get started with you?

In this article, I will show you 5 ways you can qualify your prospects to not only save you time, but help your clients get better results in the process.

The psychology behind qualifying

After reading “Influence” by Robert Cialdini, I had an aha moment. In the book he was discussing a human's innate desire to be consistent in what we say and what we do. Let me explain more.

Contrary to traditional sales thinking, we actually close sales more effectively when we make the prospects jump through hoops throughout the sales process. Think about this for a second, if your prospects are able to get on the phone with you only after seeing just one Facebook ad, how much do they know about what you do? What kind of positioning would you have? (I covered how positioning can make or break your business here.)

Every time a prospect jumps through one of your hoops, be it watching a webinar or booking a call, their commitment in your program grows stronger and stronger.

Due to human desire to be consistent with their actions, you will be making them warmer prospects. They would want to justify their decisions to make is this far, and continue with the process just because they have committed to the previous step.

Can you imagine how powerful this can be when they get to the step of making a decision to pull out their credit card? They have already said yes to you multiple times. They have committed multiple times. They have justified their actions to themselves multiple times. Now they want to stay consistent to their previous actions, and the next logical step would be to say yes to your offer.

The first step

The first qualifying step starts even before you get on the phone with a prospect. The first step is to take them through a sales funnel. A funnel would typically involve a paid online ad, leading to a webinar, then a booking link for them to get on the phone with one of your Closers.

Each time that prospect moves onto the next step, he/she is more committed. Also, you weed out the one who are just shopping around, or those that don’t really have a problem you can solve, saving you and your closers time at the end.

The second step

Now that your prospect has booked a call with you, you or one of your Closers will finally get on the phone with them. We also have to continue qualifying them. The first thing that we should qualify over the phone is their ability to make the decision.

This step saves us tremendous amounts of time. Imagine getting to the end of the call and the objection that you receive is that they need to speak to their business partner, wife or cat and dog. You will have to reschedule a second call and spend another 45 minutes going through the process again with their significant other.

By simply asking in the beginning of the call if there is anybody else that would want to be involved in making the decision, we tackle this objection before it comes up. Prevention is better than a cure.

The third step

The third qualifying step in the sales process is to determine their needs. What troubles are they facing at the moment? Why do they want this problem solved? Can your product help them in any way?

As a Closer, this is the stage where we can gather a lot of information about the prospect. Going deep into the pains and desires will give your prospects clarity on whether your product or service can help them.

We build up their commitment by simply exploring their situation and making them realize how badly they need your offer, if at all.

The fourth step

Now that we have qualified their needs, we can go into qualifying time. This can be the time that they are willing to invest to improve their situation, or how urgently they need their problem fixed.

The last thing any business wants is an unsatisfied client. So why would you sell something to them which they won’t have time or urgency to commit to?

Building urgency is very powerful in a sales call. For them to be able to improve their situation, we want them to invest in your offer today and start implementing your solutions. We can use a bit of reverse psychology to ask them:

How urgent is this to you, you wouldn’t want to get started today would you?

A typical answer might be that they wanted this problem solved last month, or that they only have a few weeks left before it is unsolvable.

The fifth step

Now that you have qualified their decision maker, needs and time, we arrive at the final and arguably most crucial step. The fifth step is to qualify your prospect on whether they have enough money to invest in your program.

This is where you can draw on all of the previous commitments that you have stacked up with your prospect so far. One of the ways we can get a sense of their willingness to invest is to simply ask:

Let’s suppose this program can help you solve problem A, B and C, and allow you to get X, Y and Z, how much are you willing to invest in something like this?

The goal here is to make the price of your program seem like a no-brainer. We can only do this if we are able to get them to feel their pain and build up the vision at the same time. Now that you have led your prospect through this journey, they will have so much more clarity in their current and potential future situation that they will be extremely excited to change their lives and start working with you.

Congratulations, you have just completed the sales process and turned a cold prospect into a raving customer. How would your business look like if you implement this 5 step qualification process?

I hope that you’ve received some value from reading this article.

If you ever have any questions about closing inbound high ticket offers, send me an email to nicolas@clientasset.com.

Until next time, always be closing.

Nicolas Lum

Team Rich Asian™

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