Cut The BS!


Have you ever encountered a prospect that did not have much to say?

Or maybe a prospect that was more interested in getting the call over with than providing any valuable information for you to dig deep on?

In this article, we will be uncovering the truth to why prospect’s are unwilling to reveal their true pain..

Why are they hiding?

First off, why is the prospect refraining from sharing any valuable information?

Could it be because they normally keep to themselves?

Could they be ashamed to reveal their issue’s or what they’re going through?

Is it a lack of trust?

Or maybe they anticipate to be scammed.

Whatever the reason is, keep in mind, they booked a call with you for a reason.

Penetrating through their Defenses

Sometimes you’ll come across a prospect that’ll get on the call with a bad attitude.

Perhaps they had a bad day, a day of failure, a day of stress, or just being plain old grumpy..

They may try to skip through your Closing Call Structure or completely ignore your Agenda. Some may even attack you, or do everything possible to put you in an inferior position.

If and when this type of prospect appears, do not be afraid to STAND your ground and present your AUTHORITY.

As High Ticket Closers, we are not your typical salesperson, we are the GATEKEEPERS of the premium services/products that can solve a prospect’s pain.

We are the ones that decide whether or not prospects are allowed or qualified to move forward.

When appropriate, it may not be a bad idea to fight FIRE with FIRE.. And if done correctly, your prospect may begin to realize who you really are and be ready to cooperate accordingly.

Navigating around their Defenses

Often times you will find that your prospect may be holding back, limiting their answers, or feeling uncomfortable to share any further information.

One way to prepare for situations like this is by building RAPPORT from the beginning and throughout the call. A simple genuine interest in your prospect can go a long way.

Getting to know more about your prospect and allowing them to learn more about you, can provide long lasting trust and comfort, resulting in both parties willingly sharing each other’s thoughts and feelings.

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Take care,

Tim Kan.

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