The Power of O.P.M.


Hi my name is Conor Grace from Team Rich Asian™. Today I will be sharing with you a wealth secret that changed my life. Something that isn’t taught in any college, yet it is being used by the most affluent and successful people in the world every day. It’s the best kept secret and it goes by the acronym of O.P.M.

Tricks of the Trade

Being a part of Dan Lok’s Inner Circle and working as a High Ticket Closer with Team Rich Asian™, I have learned many tips and tricks when it comes to generating and acquiring wealth. None of which have been as powerful as what I’m about to teach you.

This is two-fold. One, for my ability to help prospects make the leap of faith necessary for serious life change and two, giving my own business a boost when needed.

Have you ever heard the old expression; “You need money to make money”?

While that is partially true, it can also be a limiting belief for someone starting from scratch. What if you didn’t necessarily need your own money but instead, you could leverage someone else’s?

Have you ever been in the situation where you find yourself staring at a golden opportunity? You know it's a great investment and you can see the obvious value you will receive. But there’s one small thing, you don’t have the money…

This is a painful and frustrating place to be.

It’s equally annoying and disappointing while talking with a potential client and they have the same problem. After getting to know them on a deeper level, understanding their personal pains along with the goals they wish to achieve, there is only one thing left in the way;


Both of you know your service is the bridge that can take them from the hell they are currently in, to the heaven they envision after their goals have been achieved.

Maybe they make excuses to justify not taking action and move towards their goals.

“It’s not the right time” or “That’s too expensive for me!” or the most ironic of them all “I just don’t know if I can afford it right now.”

My question is; How can you afford to not to do this right now?

To close or not to close – That is the question

My mentor Mr Dan Lok always said, “If the service you are closing is the right solution to the individual’s unique problem, it is your moral obligation to close them.” These words still echo in my head today and I’ll explain why.

People only care about two things:

  1. Solving a problem they have right now, but don’t want anymore.

  2. Achieving something they want right now, but don’t have.

It's these two causes that make us do anything in life.

Pain and pleasure.

Now let me ask you a question;

If you know your service can either bring pleasure or ease the pain of another human being, what is the moral thing to do?

  1. Allow them to talk themselves out of it (even though they know it’s the right thing to do).

  2. Be firm, don’t take no for an answer. Show them it’s possible, more importantly necessary.

What would you choose if you or your clients were in that position?

Take action or procrastinate? You can make money or make excuses. But you cannot do both.

Down to the Brass Tacks

What is O.P.M and how can you get it?

O.P.M = Other People’s Money.

I want to tell you a story about a lady called Susan. Susan was a single parent with two young kids, working hard to give them the life she knew they deserved. But between rent, expense of living and looking after the kids, Susan was living paycheck to paycheck.

She booked a strategy call for a course that would enable her to get her dream job. The course would teach her how to help people “Brand and sell their passions”. At the end of the call, Susan knew this was her golden ticket, but the course was $7,995 and she didn’t have the money to get started.

James was on the other end of the phone. He suggested that Susan look for funding as he knew her situation would not change, if she did not change. James shed some light on a secret that could change Susan’s life then and there.

James explained to Susan how she could leverage other people’s money to achieve her dreams. He walked her through the process then and there and they filled out a form online.

Susan got a $10k credit card with 17% interest immediately and a monthly minimum bill of $500. Knowing that this course could get Susan to her dreams, she spent a lot of time learning, and implementing the material every day.

Month one – Susan is learning and implementing but has not made any income. She pays the $500 minimum payment.

Month two – Susan goes out into the marketplace. She makes mistakes but learns in the process. Managing to close two packages at $995 which is $1,990 in total.

  • However, she must pay the $500 minimum fee and now her loan is $11,200 due to the interest.

Month three – Making a few changes from the mistakes she has learned, as well as becoming more skilled, she manages to close six packages at $1995 which is a total of $11,970.

Three months after Susan’s phone call with James, she had made $11,970.

How much did it cost her? - $500.

That’s the only amount of money she spent out of her own pocket…


The first month’s payment of $500.

The second month she made $1,990 - $500 = $1,49

The third month she made $11,970 - minus the remaining $10,700 of her loan = $1270

On top of that, she now has a profitable business capable of earning her over 6 figures a year.

How to leverage O.P.M today.

There are many ways of raising funding, for yourself or for your clients. Most of which are relatively straightforward and quick. Some of the providers even offer no interest at all for up to six months!

Can you see the value in that?

Free money for up to six months… Leverage these services like Susan did and grow your business on Other People's Money. Here is a list of services that can get you loans and lines of credit with little to no interest for a period of time.






A word of warning though. Always, always make sure you know the terms and conditions of any funding you get before applying. Some of the rates sky rocket after a period of 6 months.

Top tip – when applying for a line of credit, get a personal loan. The banks are way more strict on business loans. It is always easier to receive a $10,000 loan for home construction work rather than for an entrepreneur who’s looking to build their business.

Then there’s the good old-fashioned way. Write up a list of all the people you know that have money that you could potentially get a loan from.

It's understandable to feel awkward and uneasy asking people you know for money. At the end of the day, nobody wants to burn or be burnt by someone else.

But remember your goal, and how much quicker you can get there through leveraging O.P.M. Besides, imagine how proud that uncle of yours will be when you not only pay him the money back, but now you’re thriving and living your dream.

The best part, he supported you in it.

It’s a win – win.


There is always a way to make something happen. When you have a resourceful mindset and are willing leave your comfort zone, you can achieve anything.

Imagine if James had not closed Susan into starting the program, the program they both knew in their hearts was the right thing.

Where would Susan be now?

Sure, maybe she would’ve tried something else, eventually. But that could be another year or longer before she builds the courage to try something different. Maybe she would’ve just kept working a job, trying to support her two kids.

Who knows? But what I do know is, if James had not challenged her paradigm that day and if Susan had not taken action, she would still be in the same spot, not living her passion. She would not have been able to provide the life she wanted for herself and for her kids.

I hope you have learned something from this article. If you have any questions regarding High Ticket Offers or advice, reach out to me at

I'm always happy to speak with like-minded individuals.

All the best,

Conor Grace

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